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Summer grief camps are programs designed to help children and teenagers cope with the loss of a loved one. Such camps offer a supportive & understanding environment where campers may engage in therapeutic activities, as well as talk about their grief with others who have experienced similar losses. They aim to help children process their emotions and begin to heal through a combination of play, creativity, and peer support. Some grief summer camps may incorporate grief education, nature activities, and fun leisure activities to promote overall well-being; as well as a respite from the daily stress of grief.

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Children may have limited life experience and may not fully understand the finality of death, making the grieving process challenging for them. They may also feel overwhelmed by intense emotions & confusion, especially if they have not received clear information about what happened. Children may also struggle with feelings of guilt, anger, and abandonment.

Grief camps may offer numerous benefits to children / teenagers who have experienced the loss of a loved one:

  • Peer support: providing a safe / supportive environment where children and teenagers can connect with others who have also experienced loss. This can help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.
  • Healing through play: engaging in fun activities such as games, arts and crafts, and nature activities can help children begin to process their grief and heal.
  • Normalization of emotions: children / teenagers may feel overwhelmed by their emotions after a loss; at a grief summer camp, they can see that their experiences are normal and that others have had similar feelings.
  • Education about grief: offering education about the grieving process and provide strategies for coping with loss.
  • Opportunity for reflection: spending time in a supportive environment away from their daily routines can provide children / teenagers with the space and time to reflect on their experiences and emotions.

Overall, grief summer camps can help children / teenagers begin to heal and find hope after a loss.