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Highest ranking classification will elevate your listing's ranking potential above Free Listings: under most circumstances, your listing will be randomized primarily amongst other 1st Tier listings. Depending upon the particular type of search or page, randomization may occur in real time, hourly, or on a nightly basis.
Only the Multi-Media Listing includes the ability to embed an existing video which is already accessible in a web ready "embeddable format" (i.e. Youtube, Vimeo, etc).
You are able to include two existing digital photos within a Multi-Media Listing. Must be either .jpg or .gif format and 3MB Limit. Larger thumbnails will be displayed on camp listing page.
Display your camp's location on an interactive map - accessible directly from your camp's listing.
Display your camp's full address, telephone, and fax for both wither and summer locations.
All listings include a short web form to allow visitors to contact you for more information. Web form contents will be delivered to the email address on record associated with your listing.
Denote your camp's program emphasis according to special needs served.
Denote the facilities / activities your camp makes available.
Provide an unlimited amount of descriptive content with respect to your camp in your own words.
Update your listing at any time through our easy to use web interface.
Receive periodic performance reports (Nov-July: monthly; Aug-Oct: quarterly) which detail the number of occassions your listings has been viewed in full, emails sent from your listing, as well as click throughs to your website (if applicable).

All listings allow you to create a unique camp profile with a customized desription about your camp's particular programming, philosophy, session information, and other details.